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VR Camera With Image Stabilization

Optical Motion Intelligence


240° VR Camera With Image Stabilization

Re-experience Amazing


VR Action Camera

The OmiCam incorporates a patented image stabilization technology without the use gimbals and allows you to capture all the moments that matter.


Optical Motion Intelligence

OMI – Our proprietary software allows the OMI camera to stay stabilized while recording in any direction – all without any expensive gimbals or accessories. Wear it any way you like, vertically or horizontally. No matter how bumpy the recording condition may be, OMI’s powerful video stabilization will always give you a crisp, clear video.


OMI Studio

Fully integrated video management and intelligent editing software built for the OmiCam. Stream, record and manage videos on the fly and share them with your friends.

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Virtual bliss in a little package


4K 30fps

4K resolution (VR) at 30 fps filming delivers extraordinary results.


240° lens

Industry leading wide angle lens covering 240-degrees with an unique 45° design.


Extensive Battery

Record up to 15 hours of video when filming in our Lifelog mode.


12 Megapixel Sensor

12 megapixel sensor delivers high-resolution images to capture sharp images.

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